Vantar hjálp! Help!Помогите!

This site’s admin has created an amusing gallery of buildings, statues and other bizarre or evil looking artefacts he calls ‘structures’. He asked me to tag them, perhaps write up a caption for each pic he’d chosen. I gladly accepted and kicked off by describing nuptial habits of a little group of ‘Musicating’ Aliens outside Perlan, but found myself at a loss identifying the shot below.

If you are about to ask what ‘musicate’ can possibly mean I’ll say that it sounds perfectly legit to me: if one can fornicate, one can sure ‘musicate’. In fact, my Moscow neighbours ‘musicate’ every other night assisted by their hellish karaoke machine. They dedicate non-musicating nights to squabbling or fornicating, which they do loudly as they ‘karaokate’. But let’s get back from the subject of my neighbours’ sexual habits to the ‘where in Iceland?’ track.

The picture chosen by the admin is at least 20 years old and was taken before the advent of digital photography. It was scanned 10 years ago and sequenced with other pics from memory – probably misguided. I think this lovely heap of stones belongs to South Iceland. I vaguely recall a leasurly Sunday trip early in the summer of 1993. I made a stop at Hveragerði to soap-feed the local Grýla geysir, then drove back over the Hellisheiði turning towards Þorlákshön to take photoes of a lovely sand pit and a bunch of rusty oil tanks which held an enormous appeal for me at the time.

Then I shot this majestic stone heap at a roundabout of some small town. It is not Eyrabakki, which I know like the back of my hand. Most likely not Stokkseyri. Probably Þorlákshöfn? Or have I misplaced this structure altogether and it is in fact in Höfn? If anyone has a clue as to where this artefact can possibly belong to, please send me a comment. It will be deeply appreciated by the undersigned: sadly, I am not able to go to Iceland to search for it. That would be some quest, though: checking every roundabout on the island! Perhaps I should do just that…

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  1. I think you are right about Þorlákshöfn. Don´t remember having seen this bizarre structure but the hills in the background look like Þrengsli, the alternative route to/from Reykjavik.

    • Thank you! It is definately road 39 Þrengslavegur in the direction of Þorlákshöfn. Why would I take a picture of this stone heap instead of all the goodies you can find in Þorlákshöfn is a mystery: I guess I was a different man then. 1000 takk!

    • Það er ekki neitt mikilvægt dæmi sem þarf endilega að leysa af. Fekkar “excuse” til að vera í sambandi við gamla félaga.

  2. haha… ya, nature around this town has a lot of interesting sculptures (e.g., lava caves and the sand dunes at the beach). I guess the town artist got funding for his project.



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